10/12/2023 Update: The AEP6 Findings Are In!

The results of this economic and social impact study conducted by Americans for the Arts, in partnership with Bay Area Arts and Culture Alliance will be folded into the long-term strategy outlined in the Spark GGB initiative.

You can read a quick summary of those results here or the full 58 page report here.

01/25/2023 Update: Local area nonprofit organizations are currently in the process of distributing surveys to arts and culture audiences. This will continue through the end of April. If you are a local nonprofit or know of a local nonprofit that would like to get involved or learn more, please contact

About the Project: AEP6 is Americans for the Arts sixth national economic impact study of America‚Äôs nonprofit arts and culture industry. The cultivation of AEP6 will prove and explain the vital importance of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and what they bring to communities economically and otherwise. 

BAACA is a proud local partner of AEP6 on behalf of the Greater Green Bay community.  

The timeline below lays out the process of AEP6 beginning in January 2022 and completing in September 2023 with final findings from the Arts and Economic Perspective 6 released by Americans for the Arts.